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Welcome to Parkside Financial Bank & Trust. From the moment you meet one of our associates or step inside our downtown Clayton headquarters, you’ll notice Parkside represents a much-needed breath of fresh air in today’s increasingly “megamerged” banking landscape.

Here, we combine long-forgotten personal banking philosophies with proprietary technologies, creating a truly unique 21st century hybrid financial resource — one with the tools, products and personnel necessary to expertly handle both your personal and your business banking requirements.

In the decades to come, it is our sincerest hope the professional relationship we forge with you will be among your most valued. For now, however, we are pleased your path has led you to ours.

Increase Your Fraud Protection with smsGuardian™

Did you know that identity theft is the fastest-growing crime in the United States? That’s why Parkside Financial Bank & Trust is proud to offer you an additional layer of fraud protection free of charge through smsGuardian. 

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