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Our Company

It is next to impossible to imagine a business sector that collectively thinks in terms of “dollars and cents” more than the banking industry. Yet, here at Parkside Financial Bank & Trust, our entire approach to banking is founded on the immeasurable value of something that isn’t tangible at all: Simplicity.

It is important to note, however, that Parkside’s focus on simplicity has proven to have an extremely tangible upside. Since receiving our charter in 2008, Parkside is one of the nation’s ten fastest growing trust companies, not to mention Missouri’s eighth largest depository trust.

What’s more, unlike the majority of the nation’s banks, Parkside’s strict adherence to industry best practices allowed us to avoid taking one cent from the federal government’s Troubled Asset Relief Program of 2008 (TARP).

Strength. Security. Simplicity. Get them all when you partner with Parkside, and get the vastly superior banking experience every business requires and every family deserves.

Our Company