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Family Office

At Parkside, our family office services are aimed at business owners, executives and high net worth families seeking a centralized, comprehensive approach to managing wealth. Think of us as an outsourced CFO. We exist solely to take care of your financial matters, freeing you to focus on your personal life and business.

Our family office approach was designed to broaden the “family office” concept, introducing a new way of managing wealth for entrepreneurs, individuals and families who may not have previously considered themselves candidates for such personalized financial services.

We have a unique team structure which serves each of our clients in a variety of capacities. Each of our Parkside family office clients has one centralized advisor, who is then supported by a team of associates with a wide range of expertise. When coupled with our unique processes and proprietary technologies, our team structure allows Parkside to provide our clients a comprehensive planning environment that is unmatched in this region.

Our straightforward, fee-only structure is deliberately designed for our clients to pay for our advice and services only. We do not accept commissions of any kind, which enables us to avoid conflicts of interest and keep your interests our top priority.

In short, our goal is for your Parkside family office advisor to be there for you not just today, but twenty years from today.

Team Structure

Our family office team, along with the entire Parkside organization, consists of professionals with diverse backgrounds including attorneys, MBAs, CFPs and CTFAs.

As one of our family office clients, you will always have one primary point of contact– your Parkside family office advisor. Then, as your financial needs require, we bring in specialists from the team we build on your behalf.

We never waver from this approach to ensure you receive unparalleled, on-strategy guidance and personalized service in the most efficient manner possible.

The members of the Parkside team are not just employees; they are also the owners of the company. This unique structure ensures your satisfaction over the short term and the long haul.