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Asset Management

At Parkside, simplicity, transparency and objectivity form the bedrock of every client relationship. Our asset management services can be integrated into our family office and corporate trustee roles, or we can offer this service individually.

Fee Structure

Our fee structure is designed to be completely neutral. So when it comes to helping you choose the best funds to meet your objectives, we refuse to accept any 12b-1 fees or forms of commission.


Our objectivity extends to our duties as your custodian as well, because we don’t require family office clients to hold any of their assets with a specific custodian for us to report. This means you’re able to hold your assets wherever you’d like. The Path technology aggregates your data wherever it’s housed each night for you to view every morning — enabling us to provide you with a comprehensive perspective.


You’ll also regularly meet with your Parkside family office advisor to review each of your accounts and managers against all relevant benchmarks. At that point, we then tailor our client recommendations to achieve those financial goals.

Investment Policy Statement

We create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) for each client. The IPS is directly tied to all areas of your wealth dynamic and is reviewed regularly to ensure current goals are in total alignment with your risk tolerance.


We are proud to engage in powerful partnerships, in matters such as asset class deployment, economic commentary and manager selection.

Our partnerships enable us to maintain our high standards of performance on a global basis, conducting over 1,200 manager meetings annually and utilizing over 40 analysts. These relationships give our team members complete control of your manager oversight and the selection process.

Parkside Four-Step Process

  1. Investment Policy Statement (IPS)
  2. Select Investment Alternative
  3. Monitors, Supervise and Stay on Track
  4. Investment Policy Review